Guide to set up pSX v1.13


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Hello! This will be a guide on how to setup the emulator pSX. First thing you got to do is download
it. You can download it by clicking this link: pSX

Once you have downloaded the emulator, extract it with Winrar.

Once you have extracted pSX, Open up the folder and double-click on the pSX Icon.
if this message pops up when you try to start up the program,

Download d3d9_26.dll and place it in the pSX folder. You can download it here:

Another thing that you will need is a Playstation BIOS. I cant provide you with the bios image
because it is against the Emulator-Zone TOS, but I can tell you to go to google and just search
"Playstation BIOS Download". Once you have downloaded it, place it into the BIOS folder.

Now that is all set up, We will set up the memory card. First, open up pSX and go to

Once it us Open, click on the "Memory Cards" tab. and click on the "..." button underlined below.
Once pressed, Type in the name you want your memory card to be and click "Open" After that window
closes, press apply.

After you've done all of that, you should be ready to go! If there are any additional questions,
please post below, I'll be around.