ePSXe Setup Tutorial


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This is an up-to-date guide of how to set up ePSXe version 1.80.Please note that you can set up all versions using my guide.
1:download ePSXe from here:
(This package includes stock ePSXe p.e.o.p.s and pete's plugins)
2:Extract the "ePSXe180.zip" archive to a folder.You can do this by right clicking the archive and clicking the "Extract To" button.

***Note that the folder can be anywhere on your hard drive,and it won't affect ePSXe
3.Setting your bios:
if you have a bios file called SCPH1001.bin you should move it into the "Bios" folder in the epsxe base folder. (do not ask for bios links!)

4:Run the executable file (epsxe.exe)

and you will see a window pop up called "Welcome to the ePSXe config setup" that looks like this (Number 1. On the image):

1.Click the "Config" button
2.Select your bios "Scph1001" is the reccomended one. (Don't ask for bios links,as i cannot give you a link to illegal content)
**Read section 3!
3.Select your video plugin and configure it.
*I would reccomend you to select any of pete's plugins if you have a better graphics card.But if you have an intergrated (Intel GMA,Nvidia Nforce) card you should use P.E.Op.S' software plugin.
4.Select your sound plugin.
*I would reccomend you to use the stock SPU Core plugin,as it's fast and sounds great.And you don't even have to configure it!
5.Select your cdrom plugin.
*You can select any plugin that you wish,and set it up according to your drive letters.But you should use the "Run ISO" option,as it's faster and disc switching works better.
6.Configure your keyboard or Joypad
*This is as easy as it gets,click the controller 1 button and set your keyboard or joystick any way you want!
7.Press "done" and proceed to play playstation games!