ePSXe Plugin Guide (Windows)


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Hello, this won't be a very in depth guide on configuring ePSXe. This will hopefully allow you to play you games at very good visual quality and to remedy the very frequent problem of using old, obsolete external plugins people still rampantly decide to use over the better, in-built ones.
These "plugins"- I should say cores- that I've listed all are provided with the latest ePSXe build and require no download.

What I recommend for use in ePSXe version 2 and onwards:

  • GPU: ePSXe GPU Core for 2D games, Pete's OpenGL2 GPU Core for 3D.

ePSXe GPU cores.png

  • SPU: ePSXe SPU core and settings

ePSXe SPU core.PNG

  • CDROM: ePSXe CDR WNT/W2K core


Graphics Settings

These are settings that I use, they are pretty much bulletproof and should play games very well. You can easily alternate between these cores and the settings within for each game, by selecting the desired core for the game, loading the game then saving the game profile.

ePSXe GPU core.PNG

Pete's OpenGL2 GPU core.PNG

These settings will work absolutely fine on any modern pc with a dedicated gpu. If you run into problems with stuttering, low fps etc., simply adjust the above settings, increment by increment until you reach your desired performance. I would begin by reducing the filtering and shader settings.
Note: The Gfx card vram value is not recommended to be left on Autodetect- may cause problems with cards that exceed 1gb vram, since ePSXe is unable to detect vram properly and sets it to low which can cause memory overflow. You must use a defined value.
Set 512 in the dropdown menu, or you can enter "1024" for the maximum vram- though it won't ever use more than 512mb.

If you still have issues with performance even with minimum settings then you may have to resort to using older external plugins (which I strongly discourage) such as Peops Soft Driver and Pete's OpenGL 1.78.
Warning: using these old and obsolete plugins that are probably incompatible with ePSXe 2+ and newer hardware + OS will very likely have undesired effects associated with them, so bear in mind that before posting about problems thereof, the answer will always be "use the default cores"- in which case, consider acquiring more capable hardware.

Best of luck